7 amazing things that exist in nature

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(1), Shimmering shores of vaadhoo Maldives

This midnight light show on the shores of vaadhoo, Maldives however the tiny marine microbes called phytoplankton washing up on the sand. 

There are many types of phytoplankton that are known to have an ability called bio-luminescence which allows them to glow as a defensive mechanism to scare predators and lure bigger predator to eat the ones looking to eat them. 

When these plankton are agitated they let off their glow creating stars in the ocean as the waves ripple them to shore.

(2), spider- web cocooned trees in Pakistan

The eerie vision of ghost trees is actually an act of survival from millions of spiders in the village of Sindh Pakistan.

In 2010 massive flooding forced millions of spiders to seek shelter in higher ground of the trees tops, and over time they have created intricately boatful webbed homes for themselves in the most peculiar off places.

(3), Frozen air bubbles in Abraham lake

Abraham lake in Alberta Canada is home to a rare phenomenon that needs to be seen to believe. Trapped under its frozen surface, methane gas creeps its way up creating beautiful air bubbles as it freezes and melts and melts as the flammable element searches for its way out.

The methane is created when plants, and animals in the lake sink to the bottom and react with the bacteria in water. The organic matter, decomposing them, slowly releasing the gas. Usually the gas floats its way to the top of the lake where it is released in the air, but when the lake freezes over, methane struggles a little more to finds its freedom. Its hardship shapes moving image, leaving admirers breathless.


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