14 stories about people with a wonderful sense of humor

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We have probably all met people with an amazing sense of humor. They are sharp witted, and they like to make fun of everyone around them. And this trait can be really helpful, especially in difficult situations.


 (1), I lived with my boyfriend for 6 months and  have a very specific sense of humor from  his parents, when the time came to meet his parents. So we were sitting in the kitchen and waiting for them. Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

They told me that they were our neighbors from downstairs, and I had just flooded their bathroom I checked everything but found nothing.

So I told them to get lost and slammed the door. The doorbell rang again. I opened the door, and those 2 were standing there and laughing. It turned out they were my future parents in law and they decided to play on me.


(2), I was riding a bus, and a man was sitting in front of me with a cast on his hand, he noticed me and shot me with his plastered hand, saying, bang bang and then he even blew on the smoke from his pistol.

I put a bold face on and pretended to be wounded in the shoulder. We played this shooting duel until the end of the ride. It was fun.


(3), I have a very specific sense of humor from my dad. One day, when I was 10, I was watching cartoons, and my father was chopping meat in the kitchen.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of an axe hitting the wood, followed by my father’s horrible scream.

He rushed into the room, his eyes open wide, his hand covered in blood, and a piece of meat instead of his finger. He cried, help do something I chopped off my finger grab a needle and thread.

We need to sew it back on’ I jumped up and started running around, searching for threads, found them, and rushed back to my father with hands trebling. Then I saw that he was smiling.

So I dumbly asked him, what? It doesn’t hurt anymore? And he said, ‘got you it was a joke. You should have seen your face but you were good, didn’t lose your heart, and didn’t pass out. You could be policeman so we laughed, and then he said, let’s go. I will wrap your hand with meat. Time to scare mom.


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