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The internet is full of different facts about japan, so when it comes to their gadgets, architecture, and fashion, it’s hard to surprise us. We all know about japans accuracy, work ethics, animal islands and square watermelons. But there are less obvious things happening there that can bewilder even the biggest fans of Japanese culture. For example, do you know what a “boredom room” is? Or that there is a bookstore that sells only one book? The answers to these and other questions are right here in this article.

Hugging chairs

One option for lonely people who want cuddle but are too shy to hug or cuddle with a Stranger is the hugging chair.

It has a shape of a giant doll with very long arms which can be bought at an average price of $419. It is for those who miss a human’s warmth, and the company’s employees say that you can even talk to it. One of the chairs functions is to play old Japanese music which is adored by elderly people. Its clear that this chair was designed with the comfort of people in mind.


A single book bookstore

Yoshiyuki morioka, the owner of a small (THE SIZE OF A SMALL ROOM) bookstore

Morioka shorten, chooses only one book and its copies to be sold in his store foe a week.

Morioka shortens visitors say that this store arranges exhibitions of only one single book. The stores design changes in accordance with the chosen book flowers that are described in the book. That’s why when you enter this bookstore it feels like your entering the book itself.


Vending machines for everything

Vending machines are very popular in japan. With no sales assistants, small rental prices, low crime levels and large cash flow, these vending machines are very popular. Besides, there are no lines to use them. They work 24/7 and can be found almost everywhere. It’s not surprising that you can buy everything there well, almost everything.

These machines can sell just about anything including eggs, toys, souvenirs, shoes, ties, and umbrellas. You can even buy underwear. So, almost everything” seems to be quite literal here.


A sampler club

Sample lab is a shop in japan where you can be the first to try and test sample of different products from sauces and alcohol to beauty products and many other things.

To become a member, you need to be older than 16 years. Know Japanese and pay an annual membership fee of approximately $9. Every time you visit a shop you have to pay a bit less than $3. It was made to exclude ‘free stuff members were actually interested in the specific product.

To get more free product, consumers have to fill out through questionnaires and get points.

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