10 celebrities that are way shorter than you think

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 I had no idea how small these guys are.

(1), Seth green

Seth green has had a busy career, he got his start in films like can’t hardly wit. Party monster, and the Italian job, and his voice made him a good fit for voice over roles,

so he added voicing Chris griffin on family guy and Jeff moreau in the mass effect video games to his resume.

And, of course, he’s also a voice director, writer and co –creator, and co-producer of the stop motion comedy series robot chicken.

It’s pretty obvious that his height hasn’t held him back from succeeding in his career.

He’s now often spotted on the red carpet alongside his wife, Clare grant0and at 5’7 without heels, she towers over her husband, but he doesn’t care.

(2), Charlie day

Charlie day is a multi-talented performer- an actor, producer, musician, comedian, and even screenwriter, he’s been in movies like horrible bosses and pacific rim,

but were betting you know him best from his time playing Charlie Kelly on the sitcom its always sunny in Philadelphia.

He might not seem that short because he’s still taller than his wife. Its always sunny in Philadelphia co-star and real-life wife Mary Elizabeth Ellis,

but that’s mostly because she’s also incredibly petite- in actuality, day stands at just 5’6. However, with that scruffy facial hair and insane sense of humor, it’s safe to say he remains a babe

(3), Daniel Radcliffe

Many actors who started out at child stars shoot up a foot or more in height once they hit puberty, reaching 6 feet or taller in their late teens and early 20s.

that’s wasn’t the case for Daniel Radcliffe. When he was a child, Radcliffe snagged the coveted role of harry potter in the film series based on J.K. Rowling’s books, and basically grew up in front of the public-but he never really grew that tall. Still.

Due to the fantastical content of that harry potter films, Radcliffe got the chance to do things on screen that most action stars could only dream of.

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