Practical paths to wealth

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What dreams are you pursuing? Your motivation for taking paid employment should go beyond the size of the pay check.

Pay checks are very important I must admit but we must have to look farther ahead. What insights and business values can you pick out from your job? What new ideas or trends are you learning? Are you building contacts that you can leverage tomorrow? If the company or establishment folds’ tomorrow morning, what are you leaving with?

Well, it’s about time we got real. 2018 is almost passing and the time for self-evaluation is here. Some of our goals may not have been met because a lot of things are out our control, no one would blame you for not ending human trafficking across the Sahara or stopping the war in Syria. The pundits would not hold you responsible when they look at the collapse of a major EPL team.

But there are a few things you can control and for which you must be held responsible for. Let’s list out a few.

1. pursuit of your dreams

 first of all, I assume that if you are reading this, there are vision you wake up each morning to chase. Do you want to be an athlete at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo? Do you dream of building a social media platform that can rival mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook? Do you want to own the largest cement factory in the world/ well, whatever your drams, you are absolutely responsible for making them come true.

2. defining your path to the top

You want to raise money to support the education of children for less privileged home? You want to be the president of Nigeria in 2019? You want to be a delegate to the world economic forum gathering in Davos next year? Whatever your dreams are, you must make it your duty to find your part to it. No excuses if you meet a wall on your way, find a ladder if you can’t break it.

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