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The busyness of life, ministry, work, and family will always threaten the sweetness of marriage.

Instead of relishing the loving gaze, touches, and little kindness of your spouse, you begin to see them as a partner of productivity. You divide and conquer the endless to do list, t ball and who will take Katie to ballet, who will get dinner stated and will help this kids with homework. Nighttime comes around and you fall into bed exhausted from the day, savoring the thought of a good night sleep over romance and intimacy.

“resolve to slow down and look for ways to add sweetness to your marriage.”

Most of us would readily confess that we love our spouse. After all, didn’t we just do the laundry and make dinner a sacrificial love in caring for our spouse through accomplishing needed task even when the flames of passion have simmered. Sacrifice might come especially once your house is filled with the energy consuming fruit of your love (for example, children).

So why is it important to keep the spark alive in your marriage? Isn’t it a normal and natural slide to put the kid’s needs (and everything else on you to do list) ahead of your spouse?

How to cherish the one by your side

Here are few ways we can grow in cherishing the one God has placed by our side for our own joy, for the glory of God, and the good of those around us.

1, notice one another.

This may seem obvious, but it can be all too easy to keep staring at your phone when our spouse walks in the door. Take time to acknowledge each other presence through a warm greeting, embrace, or question about their day. Be willing to put aside whatever you’re working on to show a genuine interest in your spouse

2, serve one another

Look for ways to serve and bless your spouse each day. Better yet, ask them how you can serve them. Maybe it’s by picking up the dry cleaning, or putting the kids to bed early, or simply making a favorite meal for dinner. Beware of falling into the trap of expecting your spouse to meet your needs. Much disappointment and instead, delight yourself in seeking the happiness of your spouse through living out the command and also count your spouse as more significant than yourself by honoring his preferences and emulating the humility of Christ.

3, say, thank you.”

When was the last time you thanked your spouse for working hard? Does he provide for your family? Does she lay aside her own desires to meet the needs of your kids? Often, we can think thankful thoughts and never actually express them. We should be thankful to God and let that thanks overflow to our spouse either through verbal or written words. Always look for the reason to be grateful for the one God has placed by your side.

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