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4, plan times away together without distractions.

Whether this is a weekly date night or a walk in the park, being intentional to have time alone together is crucial to reconnect with our spouse. Without planning times away together, our children’s activities and our ministry commitment will reign supreme.

In our marriage, going for walk together has been a time to talk and process life.

We’ve advance from having our kids in stroller to bike to being able to leave them at home. Having a couple date night out of the house each month frees us from seeing the unfinished work and chores that can often distract us from each other.

5, rest together.

Nothing refreshes me more each week than an intentional day rest. Guarding this day from our endless to do list and instead doing something enjoyable with my husband much needed refreshment to our souls and marriage. The world will go on without us answering our emails or getting that next pile laundry done.

Be willing to put aside whatever your working on to show a genuine interest in your spouse

And save energy for each other. I once heard it said that your sex life is a good barometer of your marriage. If you’re always too tired or too busy for intimacy, it will likely be reflected in relational tension in your marriage.

6, don’t be blind to your spouse

The busyness of life and our own selfish desire can often blind us from seeing the gift of our spouse. Stop and remember what drew you to marry in the first place. Resolve to slow down and look for ways to add sweetness to your marriage, praying that your love for one another will spill over for the good of other and the glory of God

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