10 Signs that your body is crying for help that should not be neglected

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Brittle Nails

6 .Brittle Nails

Among signs that your body is crying for help, brittle nails usually occur with old age but where women are concerned it could be due to other causes like frequently using nail polish. Hormonal imbalances or depression and poor diet. Visit a doctor to find out the real cause so that you will know the nutrients you lack and how to maintain a healthy diet. 

Split Ends

7 .Split Ends

Split ends are usually invisible because of their location but once noticed, it can mean that sometime is wrong with your health. Split ends can be due to dry hair caused by hair straighteners and blow dryers. Chemical dyes in hair color can also cause split ends. To prevent this eat foods rich in healthy fats like fatty fish olive oil and use organic hair dye. 

Bad Breath

8 .Bad Breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing but more than that it can mean a health problem resulting from improper diet. A Surface cause of bad breath is due to food particles lodged between teeth and gums pockets where they start to decay. Dry mouth is another cause as the absence of saliva means food particles aren’t removed. After eating you should always rinse your mouth. Oral infection like tooth decay ulcers gum infection and mouth abscesses also cause bad breath. An unhealthy diet with too much-processed food can cause digestive problems that also result in bad breath. Eat healthy and avoid processed food and carbonated drinks. Brush and floss your teeth regularly and drink plenty of water to avoid bad breath. 


9 .Bloating

Bloating is always a cause for concern because it can be a result of several problems. While gas and indigestion are common causes more serious reasons are appendicitis or fall bladder stones. Rich and fatty foods should be avoided. Identify foods that you may be sensitive too and avoid them. Eat foods rich in prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy gut and proper elimination eat two hours before you sleep. Refer to this article on how to get rid of bloating.


10 .Fatigue

Tiredness after a hard day’s work is normal but if you find you are always fatigued, there is always an underlying reason involved. Even if you are getting sleep and are always tired, it’s time to see a doctor. It could be the result of hormonal imbalances, weakness, lack of nutrients and even disease. Avoid processed food and start mild to moderate exercising to build up energy. Sometimes tiredness and lack of energy could also be due to lack of physical activity.